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the city.

'dead_apple'; an online journal giving you an insight on the not so interesting life of MIO, her personal thoughts, silly rants & pathetic obsessions; Friends Only.

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the girl.

MIO, adult yet child @ heart, british, half-japanese, billingual, too tall, music-obsessed, internet geek, dreamer, biatch, vocalist singer, clumsy klutz, whore unique-clothes lover, vain, likes good films, alcoholic going-out enjoyer, artist doodler, crazy, weird, emotional, dumb etc.
Loves Dir en grey, 椎名林檎 -shiina ringo-, rock (J-rock, Metal, Alternative etc), singing, guitars, site creation, graphics, going for long walks, writing, composing, being an idiot, family & friends <3

the attractions.

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Fanlisting for the song Gibusu by Ringo Shiina

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Life. [

Wednesday, 5th December, 2007
@ 5:05pm]

[ mood | stressed ]

what is it exactly?

Our life is only oneCollapse )
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Sunday, 20th May, 2007
@ 9:16pm]

As these items didn't sell last time I'm re-listing them, with lower starting bids!

Click on the links below the items to jump to their eBay auctions!
All prices are STILL extremely low (only 1.00 or 2.50 GBP - about $5 or $4 / 3 or 2 EUR!)

(all items were bought in Japan)

Click here for more photos & for links to the bids!Collapse )

Thank you for looking :D
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Freedom of Speech? [

Thursday, 11th January, 2007
@ 11:41pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I've randomly seen something like this floating around LJ, & I felt like doing it myself so...

All comments for this entry are screened, meaning that only you & I can view your comment & my reply to it.

Comment on this entry & tell or ask me something that you've always wanted to but haven't. This can be good, bad, critical, absurd...anything. It can be about myself, about something that's happened...anything that you've wanted to ask or tell me but haven't been able to. Anonymous Commenting is also enabled so you don't even have to tell me who you are.

Let your imagination go wild! ...or something. o_o

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